Affordable Civil Engineering Services in Greater Houston
Affordable Civil Engineering Services in Greater Houston

Constant Predictability. Affordable Civil Engineering.

Accurate and affordable civil engineering happens when you rely on key experience to get it right the first time.

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Affordable Civil Engineering Services in Greater Houston

ALJ Lindsey specializes in providing civil engineering services to developers of commercial, retail, multifamily, residential, office, and medical projects in the Greater Houston Area. Throughout the development process, from initial site reconnaissance and due diligence to detailed design drawings and construction observation, we strive to provide unparalleled customer service both to our clients and to the other members of the professional team.

Site Design

Without a clear, effective design layout, a development can run severely behind and miss its full earning potential. Our team of professionals deliver affordable design concepts that efficiently meet the requirements of governing jurisdictions. We help clients get the most value out of their land through our design of utilities, paving, driveways, storm water quality management and pollution prevention. Additionally, we can develop demolition plans, clearing and grubbing plans, and coordinate deliverables of surveys and plats. ALJ Lindsey is ready to help you maximize your land’s worth though our skilled site designing.

Multi-Family Design

Multifamily communities are rapidly expanding across the Gulf Coast region as job growth continues to drive population growth in Texas. The apartment industry is thriving, and our technical staff are confident in their expertise of the residential development market. Through exercising our skills, clients achieve cost effective and schedule-driven projects for even the most challenging and complicated developments.

Office & Industrial Design

Our team has extensive experience in multi-story office buildings and industrial parks. We work with owners, architects, consultants, and contractors to clearly understand the needs of the specific user or manufacturer. As part of the multi-disciplinary team, we ensure our design meets the projects short and long-term needs.

Storage Facility Design

ALJ Lindsey has a large portfolio of mini-storage facilities. We realize that local jurisdictional rules, such as parking ratios and impact fee calculations, don’t always consider the unique nature of storage facilities and we have been successful negotiating project specific concessions for our clients.   That knowledge, combined with and understanding of building proximity constraints, travel paths, and vehicular drop-offs, allows us to expedite the construction processes and create an efficient path from concept to delivery. Storage facilities are in demand, and our experience is guaranteed to streamline your development.

Feasibility Analysis, Development Services, MUD Services

It can be overwhelming trying to sort through the complex steps of developing a site, especially when you are unaware of potential conflicts or costs. ALJ Lindsey understands that the key to any successful development is being able to stay within budget and on schedule, and assists clients with uncovering vital feasibility information during predevelopment. We offer knowledge on a broad scope of topics including Analysis of Existing/Proposed Infrastructure, Flood Plain Analysis, Access Analysis and Coordination, Project Scheduling and Construction Cost Estimates. We do all the legwork by gathering and compiling technical material into well-written due diligence reports that are informative and easy to understand.

We are also well versed in the creation and maintenance of Municipal Utility Districts (MUD), which cover a large portion of the Houston Metropolitan area. Our staff has vast experience directly helping MUDs with their creation reports, bond application reports, project management, construction phase services, storm and sanitary sewer evaluation/rehabilitation, and commercial site plan reviews.

Infrastructure Design

We support a wide-range of private developments by supplying design expertise in public infrastructure extensions. Our projects often need the municipality facilities extended to the proposed sites. We are knowledgeable of the different standards for various municipalities and can identify potential opportunities for financial support from these entities.

Worship and Educational Design

As our community grows, so do the needs for public spaces. ALJ Lindsey has a strong portfolio of worship building design and an expanding resume of educational projects. We confidently navigate through the wide-ranging technicalities of these projects, and have a knack for translating the intricacies of our technical design to the community’s non-technical committees. This helps keep participants well-informed and the project on schedule.

Affordable Civil Engineering Services in Greater Houston