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& Feasibility  

It can be overwhelming trying to sort through the complex steps of developing a site, especially when you are unaware of potential conflicts or costs. ALJ Lindsey understands that the key to any successful development is being able to stay within budget and on schedule, and assist clients with uncovering vital feasibility information during predevelopment. We offer knowledge on a broad scope of topics including Analysis of Existing/Proposed Infrastructure, Flood Plain Analysis, Access Analysis and Coordination, Project Scheduling and Construction Cost Estimates.


We do all the legwork by gathering and compiling technical material into well-written due diligence reports that are informative and easy to understand.


Read our blog post about benefits of feasibility studies here.  


Without a clear, effective design layout, a development can run severely behind and miss its full earning potential. Our team of professionals deliver affordable design concepts that efficiently meet the requirements of governing jurisdictions. We help clients get the most value out of their land through our design of utilities, paving, driveways, storm water quality management and pollution prevention. Additionally, we can develop demolition plans, clearing and grubbing plans, and coordinate deliverables of surveys and plats.


ALJ Lindsey is ready to help you maximize your land’s worth though our skilled site designing.


Specific and often-changing permit requirements can be a real challenge to plan approval.  At ALJ Lindsey, we have a detailed understanding of municipal development code which allows us to work successfully across a large variety of jurisdictions.


Our knowledge of industry standards and development review processes allow us to identify issues before they arise and bring solutions to efficiently achieve our client's goals. 


We leverage our understanding and strong relationships with local jurisdictions to get plans approved and keep projects moving forward.


Construction phase Services & Project Closeout

This is where all the hard work is finally realized and the final product is built. 


In this phase, our job is to oversee the site work of the project. We conduct pre-construction meetings and review contractor drawings and submittals for project alignment.  We also field questions and respond to Requests for Information (RFI’s) submitted during construction. Site visits and observation is also provided during critical stages/site activities. 


At ALJ Lindsey, we pride ourselves on keeping projects on-time and on-budget and strive to be a trusted partner. We have the experienced practice and precision to manage and close out projects effectively.


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