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ALJ Lindsey is a Houston civil engineering firm specializing in detention ponds and drainage systems for both commercial and public sites.


Our team has assisted in the development of numerous sites over the past 10 years and works efficiently with architects, surveyors, city staff, and TxDOT to complete projects on time and within budget.


Here are a few project write-ups that showcase some of what ALJ Lindsey can do.

West Lake Multifamily Complex

We provided professional engineering services for the 18-acre West Lake Multifamily complex, including the design of two interconnected amenity and detention ponds totaling 300,000 cubic feet of detention.


This $4M site development project dug ponds 11-feet deep with 5-foot of static water surface and 6-foot of detention facilities. Both a northern and southern pond was designed. The northern pond included a multi-level benched pond bottom to satisfy storm water quality requirements and consumed a 1.3 acre footprint.


Our design hydraulically connected the ponds for shared storage volume as well as improved storm water quality release rates. We also worked with the landscape architect to amenitize the pond area above the static water surface.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 9.31.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 9.35.43 PM.png

Tri-County Medical Boulevard


ALJ Lindsey provided detention and amenity pond civil engineering design plans for the Tri-County Medical Boulevard. The 230,000 cubic foot detention and amenity pond consumed 2.2 acres of the total 8-acre site.


The excess material from the pond was used to elevate the structure and the parking lot relative to the pond and the adjacent roadside ditches. The pond utilized a multi-level outfall structure that maintains the static water surface as well as discharge the detention flow to the required rate.


As the headwaters of the developed portion of the local discharge stream, the site accepted multiple upstream culverts to be routed around the pond as well as a box culvert into the pond. All these flows were combined and delivered to the existing culverts under Anderson Road.

RobRyan Construction

We provided professional civil engineering services for RobRyan’s office building and associated residential development including all site utilities and drainage of the 5.4-acre site. These services also included a pond design for a 60,000 cubic feet facility immediately adjacent and connecting to White Oak Bayou in the City of Houston.


The pond design included a wet bottom amenity feature with an outlet control storm water quality device. The pond also utilized a block wall to create an amenity ledge as well as a design for an aesthetically superior sunken outfall.


The site design further included trails that connected the residential community to the office complex as well as the City’s bayou amenities and nature trail.

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