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Development projects are often accompanied with meticulously calculated schedules and budgets. Owners of these developments are highly sensitive to return on investment (ROI), and delays in schedule or increases in budget will negatively affect that ROI. It is vital to develop a game plan that moves projects along without besting the budget. Here are some philosophies we use at ALJ Lindsey to more efficiently deliver projects:

Understand Who Needs What When 

Our project managers have the responsibility of empowering their team by providing them with any data or decision points needed to design their project. These project-sensitive decisions points or information come in a variety of forms: a topographic survey or geotechnical report or an owner direction. Our project manager's work continuously  to gather this information and encourage and educate owners to make decisions on their developments in a timely fashion. We educate up and down the supply chain about delivering critical elements that in turn could delay the project.


Streamline Design by Eliminating Rework 

There is some up-front leg work that can be completed with minimal data. These include tasks such as will-serve letters from utilities that confirm a utility will provide services to a development. However, the design and development team should understand where to draw the line as to what work is clear to kick-off with minimal data. ALJ Lindsey communicates with our clients on the critical path items and how to keep their project on schedule by not performing the same tasks over and over. For example, we make sure our clients understand starting a grading plan without accurate survey data inevitably leads to rework and a longer design schedule.

Timely Coordination

We understand that we're a member of a team and communication is critical for schedule and error avoidance. We make sure our team understands that communication doesn’t end but rather is continuous and on-going.  For example, at the kick-off of a project a typical sanitary connection point may be acceptable but as design develops a specific site may require not only for ALJ Lindsey’s design to change but also the plumbing plan. We know from experience that alerting project participants to site specific constraints not only eliminates rework but engages multiple disciplines in finding the most cost-effective solutions.  ALJ Lindsey’s focus on timely coordination drives a better design product for both the consulting team as well as the end user.


At ALJ Lindsey, we pride ourselves on keeping projects on-time and on-budget and strive to be a trusted partner. We have the experienced practice and precision to manage projects effectively.

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