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As Program Coordinator at ALJ Lindsey, Victoria works closely with clients, being a consistent point of contact and ensuring their projects run smoothly. Victoria often bridges the gap between client and internal team, making certain issues are taken care of quickly and efficiently.


Whether it’s avoiding future issues or solving current ones, Victoria is a problem solver. Sometimes this looks like gathering information and educating clients of city/county requirements to anticipate issues before they become big problems. Other times, Victoria is using her AutoCAD or utility and storm design skills to create or tweak site plans to solve site problems, including unexpected utilities or unusual plat boundaries. For example, with an eye for detail and a knack for quickly assessing and resolving issues, Victoria has helped get sites out of limbo, approved and ready for construction and uncovered site plan boundary discrepancies and worked to remedy those by creating new site plans. Victoria finds it very satisfying to finish the last steps on a project and see the final outcome, appreciating all the hard work that went into creating it. 


Victoria is currently working on a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Houston with an anticipated graduation date of 2023. Besides reading and gardening, Victoria has a passion for fashion, understanding the history of clothing and actually making her own! 

Program Coordinator

Victoria Billings

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