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Originally a civil engineer in Guatemala City, Guatemala, a move to Houston has opened up new opportunities for Bryan. Bryan’s hard-work and determination spurred him to quickly learn all the requirements for civil engineering in the state of Texas and he now holds a Graduate Engineer position at ALJ Lindsey. Bryan’s skills in construction administration, Civil 3D Project Design, and his ability to create project cost estimates for a variety of projects makes him an asset to this team. At ALJ Lindsey, Bryan is responsible for designing and supervising projects from start to finish, while also having a keen focus on quality and efficiency. This includes personally supervising the job, pre, during and post construction. Always looking for ways to make the project run more smoothly, Bryan uses his problem-solving skills to get ahead of potential issues and communicate effectively with his client to ensure success. 


Bryan has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering from the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and a Postgraduate Degree in International Trade and Commerce from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. He is also currently certified as an Internal Auditor of Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 45001.


In his free time, Bryan likes to be outdoors and enjoys hosting elaborate dinners with his wife. Admittedly, Bryan likes to do things that are outside of his comfort zone (like moving to another country to improve his professional and personal life), bungee jumping and whale shark swimming, no big deal. 

Graduate Engineer 

Bryan J. McGauran

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